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Roxie Deli And Grocery

3340 C Street
Sacramento, CA 95816 | Map
(916) 443-5402

From the outside, this looks like a typical mom and pop grocery store. You know. The one with two rows of condiments and cat food, sodas and stale bread and a great selection of candy bars and chewing tobacco.

But inside Roxie Deli and Grocery you will find a sandwich maker equal to any in Sacramento. Sampino’s at 1607 F Street is a close second. But nothing beats Chris Tannous and his Roxie Supreme.

His sourdough and Dutch crunch rolls always taste fresh – even on weekends. There are three sizes of sandwich – regular, big enough for two and you and what army (my names, not theirs.)

The Roxie Supreme is a combination of turkey, roast beef, mortadella, pastrami, salami, ham and 2 cheeses. You can start eating it at the kick-off of the football game and still not be finished before the post game show.

They also have what my vegetarian friends call the best veggie sandwich they have ever had. Avocado. Artichoke hearts. Marinated mushrooms. Home made hummus spread. Cheese. Peppers and lettuce, tomato and onions.

There’s a lot more, including the Roxie meatball mafia. Ask about it when you get there. And they have a BBQ working in the parking lot Monday through Thursday.



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