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Jeff Daar

Jeff lives in Northridge, CA and has law offices in Los Angeles and Woodland Hills. The law firm of Daar & Newman specializes in cross-border disputes and transactions and also has an active domestic practice.

Kites, wine, beer, politics, music, food … these are just a few of the many things that command Jeff’s interest.

As a law student at the University of California at Davis in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Jeff would hang out with enology students. During forays into California’s then emerging wine country and at many wine tastings, he developed a passion for good wine and in turn good food. Soon, he was reviewing restaurants for the law school newspaper.

While Jeff loves great restaurants and fine dining, he gets a particular kick out of finding good food at affordable spots. And his tastes run a wide gamut.

His wife is a vegetarian (while Jeff eats anything tasty) and he has four children. No surprise that his family shapes his food experiences.

Jeff is past Chair of the Democratic Party of the San Fernando Valley, a political button collector, a music collector and a kite flier, when the wind is right.