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David Takashima

Lives in San Francisco, works in Sacramento. Account executive with KP Public Affairs.

David Takashima grew up on a farm on the California – Mexico border. His mother cooked family style for their large family and they would have Japanese dishes and American dishes, often in the same meal. Growing up on a farm gave David an early appreciation for fresh produce.

David says, "I enjoy dining at some of the restaurants you might see in popular food magazines. But, as an old farmer, I enjoy a good meal at some local regional diners."

During the last several years, David and his wife, Annie, have traveled extensively in Asia and Europe. Wherever they go, good dining is a priority. And when they get back to California, from San Diego to the Bay Area and Sacramento, they can be found exploring and enjoying a wide array of great restaurants.

David previously served as Chief Deputy Director of the state Department of Finance. He is the former manager of public affairs for Southern California Edison and Pacific Gas and Electric.

David earned his Bachelor’s Degree at San Diego State University and graduated at University of San Diego School of Law.