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Larry Levine

A political consultant since 1970, Larry is a former news and sports reporter and editor. He lives in Los Angeles, and has as traveled throughout the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy and to all parts of the U.S. He is editor and publisher of this restaurant website at the online food magazine

“Here's the deal.

“I love food. I love to shop for food, cook food, eat food and talk about food.

“If the day comes when I arrive at the Pearly Gates and St. Peter is a guy in a tux who greets me with, ‘Your table is ready, sir,’ then I’ll know the hereafter won’t be such a bad place to be after here. And if he adds, ‘The lady is already seated,’ then I’m good for eternity.

“Throughout my bachelor years and beyond, I frequented the old great haunts of Los Angeles - Scandia, Perinos, The Windsor Room, The Captain’s Table, the Oyster House and more. I miss them all, but I don’t feel at all deprived. There are enough great restaurants throughout California and beyond today to meet anyone’s needs. My goal is to discover as many of them as possible.

“I’m fortunate that the woman I married – Jennifer – shares my love of food and restaurants and that my work and leisure travel allow me to discover gems in every corner of the world.

“After more than 50 years of roaming around California as a news reporter and political consultant, I have developed a network of friends and colleagues who waste no time in letting me know of worthy new restaurants in their areas. Friends have said that if there is a good restaurant within 100 miles I will find it.

“The common ingredient that weaves its way through the restaurants I recommend is satisfaction – restaurants where you can enjoy quality food in a comfortable setting in the company of friends and relations, who will end the evening hoping for a reprise.”