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Kathleen Poirier

As the daughter of a fisherman, Kathleen grew up eating fresh spot prawns, swordfish, and lobster, acquiring a very discerning palate at a very early age. By the time she was 8, she was helping her dad prepare meals for the family.

While a career path is not always a straight shot, Kathleen never had to worry about what she’d do when she grew up. She started helping her dad make his signature enchiladas and expanded to a wide array of other dishes. Soon Kathleen was taking over the summer bar-b-quing duties. After attending several cooking camps taught by accomplished chefs, she acquired enough knowledge to host entire dinner parties for extended family. Her first dinner party included salmon stuffed tomatoes, southwestern shrimp, and roasted pineapple and carrot cake, which became her signature dessert.

Kathleen continued to add to her knowledge of food and cooking, taking jobs in the food service industry. From working the extended kiddushes at Temple Judea, to whipping up a carrot and beet juice blend with a wheat grass shot at Robeks, to creating fruit and chocolate arrangements at Edible Arrangements, Kathleen can recommend the best lox schmear, make you the most refreshing acai berry smoothie, or make your mouth water with cinnamon-chocolate dipped apples.

For her high school graduation gift, when most 18 year-olds ask for a new ipod, digital camera or computer, Kathleen had a simple request: a standing mixer.

Kathleen currently is honing her skills in the Culinary Arts program at Mission College. She recently was presented with her first official chef’s coat.

When dining out, Kathleen loves sushi, authentic Indian and Mexican food, and a good old fashioned juicy hamburger.

For Kathleen, it’s all about taste. Nothing else really matters.