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Gail Block and Elias Davis

Married and living in Malibu. Gail is a movie publicist and studio executive; Elias is a TV and film writer.

Gail Block and Elias Davis have spent a substantial amount of time during their courtship and marriage discovering and dining in interesting and exciting restaurants.

When the two first met, they quickly discovered they had a lot in common – starting with two clearly intelligent children each. Gail and Elias both were in the entertainment business. Both liked the outdoor life. Elias had been a recreational road-bike rider for many years and Gail soon caught the bug. Then there's the book group. And going to concerts. But they could live without any of those interests. The same can't be said for eating.

Gail, the daughter of an academic, traveled the world, starting before she was five years old. She lived in Italy, France and Switzerland for long stretches before she was 20. She adores foreign travel and the diversity of other cultures (which may account for her otherwise underutilized degree in Anthropology). At her European-born mother's knee, she learned to cook and to enjoy off-beat fare.

Before they met Elias and Gail each enjoyed eating in restaurants, often expensive, featuring haute-cuisine – usually French or Italian. Then Gail introduced Elias to the pleasures of simple store-front exotic ethnic "joints." They've been at it ever since.

They both love finding food of different cultures just a neighborhood or two away in Los Angeles, not to mention the thrill of discovery. They manage to find a new restaurant once in a while and enjoy nothing better than telling others the good news.